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What we do - Trust Governance Deliver

What is Trust Governance Deliver? 

Trust Governance Deliver is a virtual, guided induction course for governance professionals who are working in the board-facing role in school trusts, providing the foundational knowledge, resources and support to enable you to thrive in your role. 

We have launched Trust Governance Deliver to support the growing numbers of governance leads who are moving into the profession, often with a background in maintained school governance, school-facing experience within a trust, or governance in another sector.  

Trust Governance Deliver combines a series of virtual self-guided modules, termly live ‘peer learning groups’ run six times each year, and practical guidance notes - offering a ‘one stop shop’ for vital advice and support during a pivotal time in your career journey, and equipping you to build effective governance in your trust. 

Trust Governance Professionals is the only organisation offering practical CPD for governance professionals that is led by active practitioners and Trust Governance Deliver draws on our unique vantage point from directly delivering the role, advising trust boards on their governance, and working with our network of 200+ governance professionals who are members of Trust Governance Insight.

How will you benefit? 

We have designed Trust Governance Deliver based on our knowledge of the realities of practical delivery of the role to provide you with: 

  • Self-guided learning modules, bite-sized videos and an index of resources that you can watch as a series when you start in role – or draw on directly when you are undertaking governance tasks  
  • Opportunities to engage with our team and fellow governance professionals in other school trusts through live ‘peer learning groups’ 
  • Access to Trust Governance Insight Compliance Briefing sessions six times each year, enabling you to receive live information on changes to guidance and regulation – and practical advice on how to implement it 

You will be able to access our portal for 12 months but you can undertake the self-guided learning modules at the pace you feel will be most useful. 

How will your trust benefit? 

Trust Governance Deliver will enable your trust to access resources that will build knowledge and capacity around governance through learning and professional development of those with responsibility for governance.  

If you are a leader of a governance team in a school trust, Trust Governance Deliver can be used to induct team members, saving you time and equipping colleagues to work alongside you. 

Who can sign up? 

Trust Governance Deliver has been designed to support governance professionals who are: 

  • Leading governance within your academy trust and are new to the sector; 
  • Leading governance within your academy trust and are new to the board-facing role, perhaps having previously delivered school-based governance; 
  • Part of a governance team and want to take the next step in their understanding of academy governance; 
  • Overseeing governance within the trust, for example as part of the COO/ CFO remit; or 
  • Members of governance support service teams, for example within a Local Authority, Diocese or clerking service and who are keen to strengthen understanding and knowledge of academy governance. 

What topics are covered? 

Trust Governance Deliver is deliberately focused on practical delivery of the role – it does not lead to formal qualification but will leave you ready to excel in your role. The practical themes covered through the curriculum are: 

  • Effective ways to get to know your trust and governance stakeholders 
  • Working with academy trust regulators, including preparing for Ofsted inspections 
  • Recruiting, appointing and inducting members, trustees, central team and local governance 
  • Delivering effective governance meetings 
  • Carrying out technical governance and company secretarial tasks, including preparing the governance sections of the annual report and accounts 
  • Reviewing and developing the Scheme of Delegation 
  • Managing policies across the trust, including ensuring website compliance; and 
  • Designing risk and audit programmes.

What does it cost? 

The fee for Trust Governance Deliver is £825 + VAT which includes £600+ of member benefits and Trust Governance Insight members, who already access these member benefits, can sign up to access Trust Governance Deliver for £350 + VAT. This presents a highly cost-effective form of CPD and training: 

  • Attendance at Trust Governance Insight Compliance Briefing sessions - Trust Governance Insight is our ongoing professional development programme that brings together a community of 200+ governance leads from across the country. Our virtual Compliance Briefing sessions are held six times each year at the start of each term, and focus on the core ‘need to know’ updates in relation to the evolving compliance landscape in the school trust sector – and actions that we as governance professionals need to take 
  • Free Masterclass delivered by the Confederation of School Trusts (CST) - we are proud partners of CST, and every member of Trust Governance Deliver will be able to attend a Masterclass at no cost. There are a range of options available, enabling you to dive deeper into a topic of your choice. 
  • Free one-year professional subscription with the Chartered Governance Institute (CGI) – our partners at CGI offer a valuable professional subscription, encompassing regular newsletters, a quarterly magazine focusing on governance across sectors, and access to resources within the Institute’s ‘Knowledge Base’. 
  • Free access to GovernorHub Knowledge (formerly known as The Key) - our partners at GovernorHub are offering a one-year subscription to this fantastic bank of knowledge and resources.

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